White Label
Personalization & Recommendation Engine

Provide best-in-class, product recommendations and omni-channel personalization to your customers, with plug-and-play solutions that take your offering to the front line of modern online marketing with cutting-edge technology. One toolkit with everything your customers need.

E-commerce, CMS & CRM Platform

Personyze supplements and enhances offerings from different types of technology vendors, from ecommerce and content platforms to CRM and other martech solutions.

Robust API, Branding, & Customization

Using our robust API, you can have full personalization functionality available for your customers in your own branded interface. Make a substantial upgrade to your current offering.

No Setup Fee, Pay As You Go, Flexible Offerings

We offer tiered packages with transparent pricing, pay-as-you-go options, and revenue sharing models. Whatever your needs, we have it covered. Comprehensive personalization at a competitive price.

Become a Technology Partner and Leverage Personyze to Provide a Better Product or Service.

Any software or service that serves content or information can benefit from integrating with Personyze’s personalization technology.

Mass emailing services, CMS platforms, advertising networks, ecommerce applications, and virtually any application or service that addresses different target segments with different interests and needs, can gain a huge benefit from Personyze’s personalization toolkit.

Personyze personalization technology platform provides an API that allows full integration of all the features of Personyze into any other marketing or personalization software (whether on-premises or SaaS).

Our powerful recommendations engine can be connected to any platform with API integration, to create highly relevant experiences for your clients in your own branded environment. 

Robust API

Personyze’s personalization software offers API access, so that third party applications such as CMS, CRM or ERP can directly define segmentation and personalization from their own UI. For more information, documentation, overview of methods and the libraries please visit our API pages.

With Personyze, our teams around the globe can now deliver new targeted promotions and messages within hours instead of weeks. Moreover, our local marketing teams around the world are empowered to manage their own marketing campaigns without the involvement of our core development team!

Trey Ogier HomeAway.com
Trey Ogier HomeAway.com

We use Personzye for clients from the financial industry to deliver a personalized experience with content and calls to action which are aligned with visitors’ interest and location. The managed service team was very helpful in the implementation with some of our more complex use cases.

Kate Kotzea, Director of Marketing Technology at Click Rain
Kate Kotzea, Director of Marketing Technology at Click Rain

Enhance your offering with

Our White Label Personalization Engine

Personyze is a suite of personalization technology that can integrate into your products, enabling you to offer your clients the power of AI and big data for omni-channel personalization and marketing automation.

A Solution That Works On Any Site

Whatever CMS or e-commerce platform you may be using, Personyze can simply plug into the back-end and completely personalize every aspect of your digital experience, with a 5-minute or less copy/paste install.

Industry Best Practice Templates

Personyze includes over 50 recommendation algorithms that are optimal for home page, cart page, category page, or emails, and fully customizable design templates. On top of that, you can add any number of templates you create, to be utilized by your customers, and request custom algorithms from our team.

Delivering Personalization Across Channels

Personzye’s 360° customer view makes it easy to merge data from different channels into one global data profile, and display recommendations with simple widgets embedded on your site, apps, and in emails. Get a code to embed recommendations in your existing outgoing emails. Use JSON API to run a URL with the user’s CRM ID or email, and get back a list of recommendations for them to embed in apps or email.

Extensive Developer Support

You can rely on Personzye’s development team to build custom widgets specifically designed for you, based on your product logic and needs.