Target Visitors with personalized content, based on the audience they belong to, by finding a match between each visitors characteristics and a predefined segment.

Visitor-Oriented Tag Management

Get-StartedPersonyze lets you full control over the tags run on your website, without bugging the IT folks, by  utilizing it’s comprehensive Segmentation Engine to define custom rules and macros that control at what timing, and for which audiences, different tags will be triggered.

How Does Personyze Tag Management Work?

New Personalization Actions As long as you can verbally describe the visitor you wish to target, you can use Personyze Segmentation Engine to define the segment used to identify and target that visitor with linked  Personalization Actions. One of the most popular actions is the JavaScript Action, which allows you to execute custom JavaScript code.

So once you’ve signed up for some service or software, and received their tag, all there’s left to do is decide on the timing, and audience you wish to run this tag for, define the appropriate segment, and link a JavaScript Action that would execute the provided JavaScript tag for visitors matching the segment.  

Useful Segment Examples:

  1. Visitors arriving at a particular URL( Thank you page, or shopping cart),  or page group( i.e. URL contains the word “support”)

    Thank You Page

  2. New vs Returning visitors

    New Visitor

  3. Visitors who performed a specific behavior, in terms of: 

    1. clicks or mouse overs on predefined elements.

    2. accumulated page view time.

    3. loss of focus

    4. displayed intent on abandoning the web page.

  4. Visitors that arrived at the web page from specific referrers:

    Where Did the Visitor Come From

    1. Keywords

      Visitor Looking For Personalization

    2. URL of affiliate website

    3. internal search

    4. Directly by typing in the URL.

Learn More:

To Learn more about Tag Management and targeting visitors with optimized, relevant content, watch the following YouTube video, or Contact Us to schedule a FREE Demo