Personyze Support Resource represents our best effort to offer users with different levels of experience a resource to quickly find answers and solutions to all their Personyze related issues.

Here, users who are just getting started can easily learn how to Set Up Personyze in Their Website, and immediately Observe the Live Visitors Data Feed. Experienced users can polish their Personyze skills while tackling issues such as using the Simulator to Define Containers and Debug Marketing Campaigns.


Get Help: Quick Links:
  Request a Live demo - Get a sense of Personyze  Initial setup and tracking code - Make Personyze start its magic
 Attend a Free webinar - Learn all Personyze secrets  Start personalizing -Define Audiences and Personalization Actions
  Users Guide - Download the instructions in PDF  Simulator -Track events and define containers
  Get some Personyze ideas - Let our team illuminate you  Live visits -See visitor activity in real-time
 Additional Assistance - Contact Support   Settings -Advanced set-up and integration

Useful Tips:

  • The first step is to paste the tracking code in your website’s masterpage, and configure what domains you want Personyze to track.
  • Audience Groups and Personalization Actions are always active immediately after you set them up.
  • Data in reports will be available after approximately 4 hours.
  • In Live Visits you can see your website’s activity immediately after setting-up the tracking code
    and domains.