Personalized Unique Approach to Cart Abandonment

Personyze continuously monitors and records website activity, and can be set up to not only recognize  that the visitor is about to leave without paying, but also to deduce the main reason for him doing so, and execute the ultimate, personalized, marketing message designed to either finalize the deal or to exponentially increase the visitor’s odds of returning.

Identifying the Reason Behind the visitors leaving:

  • Behavioral Targeting - Often enough, the visitors behavior can serve as a good indication of the reason why he is leaving. For instance, a visitor who decided to leave in the middle of the checkout process, moments after the first appearance of the shipping prices, should get a Free Shipping offer.
  • Survey Popup - Sometimes, when the visitor’s reasons for abandoning the shopping cart can’t be deduced from his behavior, the simplest thing you can do is ask.  Personyze can then use the visitor’s feedback to identify his reason for leaving and launch the most suiting personal retention action.
  • Offer Discounts Based on Shopping Cart Goals - Even though pennies make dollars and dollars make profits, an abandoned cart with 500$  in it hurts more than a 5$ one. While we should do our best to finalize every sale, Personyze’s flexibility to differentiate between different shopping cart volumes when offering discounts is definitely nice.

Retention Measures:

When a visitor went as far as adding an item to a shopping cart we know for sure he is interested in buying that particular item. Once Personyze identified a member of the “Shopping Cart Not Empty” audience trying to leave the website without paying (forexample: the mouse pointer goes to the top of the screen) it can automatically launch retention measures such as:

  • Discount Popup - A personalized popup offering a discount on the immediate purchase of that particular item.
  • Popup with an email sign up form, offering to inform the visitor when the price of the desired item drops. If the visitor fills out the form, Personyze can automatically send him an incredibly personal discount email, text message, or even newsletter, thus effectively increasing his odds of returning to finalize the purchase.
  • If the visitor is logged in, not only can Personyze send promotional material, but it can also use all available personal information (such as: full name, age, Facebook Profile information, on site behavior, etc) to increase the broadcasts effectiveness.
  • Personyze had a built in action that paints a visitor that is identified as a member of a certain audience for Google Retargeting. Combined with the fact that often we know quite a bit about that visitor (his Facebook profile info and email, system language, geo-location, etc) the personally relevant Google Adds are very likely to make him return to the website.