PERSONYZE Affiliate Program

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Create a new revenue stream for your website

Personyze affiliate program gives you the opportunity to offer your visitors a comprehensive suite of tools that will boost the performance of their websites, while generating revenue for your website.


About Personyze

Personalization is proving to be the best method to improve the performance of any website, be it conversion or any other KPI. Personyze offers the most advanced SaaS-based set of personalization tools in the market.

Personyze uniqueness is that it allows websites of any size to segment their visitors, personalize their websites per segment, track custom page events and optimize the content, without coding or programming at all.

There are several plans offered, with pricing based on page views and no initial setup cost, making it possible for websites of any size to take advantage of it. Prices start from $199 and include all Personyze features.

Being a Personyze Affiliate

We offer you the choice of two revenue models:

  1. Get $0.50 for every verified referral to our website.
  2. Get the price paid for the first month by each customer you refer.

We will happily help you implement Personyze advertising in your website, whether you need a technical article regarding Personyze, banners and graphic elements, or text links.

You will receive a monthly traffic and sales report with browsing statistics for visitors that you have referred to our website, such as pages visited, time on site, and more.

For more information, please contact us.


Anonymous Visitor_ product page_v2

Apparel website

Product recommendations

This fashion site can show offers and promotions which are more likely to be relevant to his interest


Financial & Banks

CRM Targeting

Your Local Bank is enacting a campaign to show more personalized content to visitors on their homepage, with CRM Targeting and other methods.



Recommendations and Targeted Ads

Monkey Gadget is personalizing their site with relevant ads, banners, and product recommendations, using past interactions and other data.



Time of Day Targeting

Mozzareli personalizes their site to show visitors relevant content and promotions based on the time of day, and their most likely interests.


Lead Generation Sites

Landing Page Optimization

Smith & Lauren Law is personalizing their landing page to reflect the interests of visitors, based on what ad campaign brought them there.



Content Recommendations

Shopper Reviews is on a campaign for greater engagement, using personalization to show visitors what they are most interested in.


Online Casinos

Membership CRM Targeting

Casino Pro is promoting their VIP account to visitors in target demographics, based on past interactions and CRM data.


Online Casinos

Behavioral Targeting

Casino Pro has another campaign to target visitors based on the games they played most, from past interactions with the site.


Dating Websites

Recommendations and Banners

Global Dating uses personalization to show visitors relevant content according to their age, gender, partner preferences, and location.


Online Newspapers

Demographic Targeting

Times of India is creating different versions of their home page based on gender, to give visitors a more relevant experience.


Travel and Tourism

Interest and Weather Targeting

A2Z Travel personalizes their site based on the destination, season, and vacation type in which they are interested.


Travel and Tourism

Referral and Behavioral Targeting

AB Travel personalizes their landing page based on what ad campaign the visitor arrived from, as well as their past interactions.



Personalized Recommendations

The Gadget Store is personalizing their homepage, based on items that visitors have viewed and bought in the past.