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Ideal for Small Sites that Want to Grab the Low Hanging Fruits of Personalization

Premium Plans:

Ideal for Large Sites that Want Full Throttle Personalization


Truly Free Account with No Hidden Catches
  • 5000 Monthly Pageviews
  • 1 Domain & Unlimited Sub-Domains

Support: Email Support Only 


$1069 99 Monthly
  • 50,000 Monthly Pageviews
  • 1 Domain & Unlimited Sub-Domains

Support: Phone & Email Support

Additional 100,000 Page Views @ $40/Month


$2689 249 Monthly
  • 250,000 Monthly Pageviews
  • 2 Domain & Unlimited Sub-Domains

Support: Phone & Email Support, onboarding and best practices consulting

Additional 100,000 Page Views @ $20/Month


$4860 450 Monthly
  • 1Million Monthly Pageviews
  • 5 Domains & Unlimited Sub-Domains
  • Custom integrations with your enterprise systems

Support: Account Manager for a friction-free personalization

Additional 100,000 Page Views @ $10/Month

Agency License

Manage multiple client accounts from one account Learn more

Flexible Packaging

Flexible Packaging

Cancel your existing package and upgrade or downgrade any time. Pay-As-You-Go option for monthly plans!

Flexible Packaging

Too Busy to Personalize?

We offer managed service for a single campaign implementation—Just $199

Audience-Oriented A/B Testing

Audience-Oriented A/B Testing

Use A/B and Multivariate to test campaigns site-wide for particular segments or control groups.

Behavioral Targeting & Personalization

Behavioral Targeting & Personalization

Choose from 70-plus, out-of-the-box targeting rules and criteria for laser-focused segmentation.

Cart Abandonment Solutions

Cart Abandonment Solutions

Reclaim your sales with cart abandonment retargeting emails and exit intent detection technology.

Content Recommendations Hybrid Engine

Content Recommendations Hybrid Engine

Dynamic content recommendations that take into account on-site behavior,And past session insights

CRM & Social Data Targeting

CRM & Social Data Targeting

Targeting on offline CRM data and social

Detailed Statistics Reports

Detailed Statistics Reports

Drill down into the nuances to determine if youʼre targeting audiences correctly, achieving ROI from your various campaigns and a lot more.

Product Recommendations Hybrid Engine

Product Recommendations Hybrid Engine

Deliver highly powerful, real-time product recommendations based on the latest interests of your buyers and visitors.



Personyze provides slick, sophisticated and customizable templates for delivering content, recommendations, promotions and emails.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Page Views?

Page Views is the number of pages viewed (pages that Personyze code is installed) during a visitor session on your site. This is different from your website’s total unique site visitors. For example, if your total monthly traffic is 300,000 unique visitors, and you run Personyze on all category pages of your site, if those visitors on average view 3 pages during their visit, this will result in 900,000 Page Views.

What are personalization campaigns?

Personalization campaigns are visual changes for a specific Audience on a specific page, or set of pages, to match the content to the persuasion flow or user flow. On Personyze, we cap the amount of campaigns running at the same time on your account, based on your package.

One example of Personalization campaigns might be to offer people in Mexico on a Spanish browser a small Spanish text allowing them to self-redirect to the Spanish version of your site, and then show them recommendations for content or products bought recently from their city.

Can I send my 60 million Pageview site to your platform?

The answer is "yes." We already handle millions and millions of pageviews and so we can also handle your 60 million pageview site.

Do you allow multiple domains?

You can add unlimited subdomains, and the number of domains is different for every package. However, there is no technical limit to the number of domains you can use with Personyze. All domains, data, and performance metrics will be under the same account profile; if those domains have different business goals and/or different personalization strategies, you will find it easier to manage if you open a separate profile for that domain.

Do you have an agency plan?

Yes, please click here for more info, and to send an email. We support agency needs with personal service, excellent SLAs and awesome support.

Can I cancel my subscription easily?

Yes. We offer a monthly billing period and you can cancel at any time during that month to stop the billing process, without any stipulations. Your data will remain available in your account for six months, just in case you decide to reactivate our services. When you select a yearly plan, you can cancel at any moment and your plan will not be renewed when the yearly contract is over.

Will you cancel my account if we exceed the cap of visitors on my package ?

We understand that, on any given day, you get tons of traffic and you do not want us to cut the line. You have no need to worry, as we will keep your account open, and signal you that your visitors reach 90% and 100%; after that, your extra page views will be billed according to your package.

Can I download your software onto our server?

Our service is a software service model. With that, you can access your data all the time, so you do not need install or download anything onto your servers. Adding just one snippet of code on your site will then do all of the "magic".

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