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Personyze ability to identify visitors belonging to different target demographics, frees you from attempting to convert as many visitors as possible with a single message. Instead, the effectiveness of your lead generating efforts exponentially increases, by presenting each visitor with a personalized form with relevant to incentive to singe based on visitors unique characteristics and interests .

In addition to vastly increasing the quantity of generated leads, Personyze improves their quality by monitoring, recording, and analyzing every bit of visitor data and activity that takes place on your website. That way, you and your sales professionals not only get the visitor’s contact information, but also every other useful detail that Personyze “picked up.”

For Example:

  1. Every product page your visitor has been on.
  2. Time Spent on the most popular product pages.
  3. Every mouse click and mouse over.
  4. Every audiences matched, and every personalization action the visitor was presented with.

Personalized Forms:

The Lead Management Form builder allows you to easily create and design personalized form and load them into the page as Popup dialogs or insert into predefine page elements .


Visitor forms submitted date information (Name ,Gender ,Age ,interests ,Etc ) can be use as visitor attributes for targeting and personalization campaigne or as dynamic content for personalized banner/promotion .


    1. Data collected using the ‘form’ action can be used immediately for personalization and segmentation activities

    2. You can easily send collected form data to your CRM system or to an email account, and include in it additional information such as, visitor’s location, page visited, keyword used etc.

    3. Data collected can be easily viewed in Personyze Analytics reports. 

Detailed Reports Platform-

Reports available for download in MS Excel format, containing the visitors Contact and Personal Info, popular products and other onsite behavior, Languages, System Information, and all additional data deemed relevant.

“Thank You For Signing Up” -

Once a visitor signs up, a personalized email/SMS action can send a “Thank You For Signing Up” email /SMS can be automatically sent to the visitor.

Remarketing email

Once a visitor signs up, you can Schedule sequence of personalized emails with dynamic content to be sent automatically to the visitor based on his dynamic interests and funnel status .

  • Schedule an emailing sequence.
  • Use Personyze data and the visitors Personyze profile to personalize each email.
  • Dynamically Insert page content into each email.
  • Adapt each email automation to the visitor’s latest interaction with each emails and your website.
  • Pre-assign an appropriate response to each email campaign’s performance.

Lead management

Lead Information Email -

Once a visitor signs up, an email action can automatically send all relevant visitor information to the administrator or the sales representatives.

 Lead Generation Form Step 4

 Boost 3rd Party SaaS Lead Management Platform Performance -

Personyze‟s monitoring capabilities can be applied to boost the performance other third party SaaS  platform such as Salesforce by making Onsite Behavior Data available through Salesforce Lead Reports.


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