Lead Generation Pages

Personyze helps you stand out, and significantly increase the performance of your lead generating efforts, by identifying visitors arriving at a “Leads Page,” displaying or popping up personalized lead forms and dynamically matching lead page content and marketing message to be personally appealing to each visitor.

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Relevant Incentives And Content

Nothing increases the odds of visitors providing their email address, like identifying what each visitor is looking for, and offering just that an an incentive. Personyze identifies visitors and their interests based on monitored characteristics such as Facebook profile, searched keywords, referring campaign, and over 70 monitored characteristics.

Per every identified visitor, Personyze can alter the lead page to:

  1. Embed, Display, Replace, or Popup personalized Content and Lead Management Forms based on the visitor’s interests and behavior.
  2. Design a personalized “Thank You” message and email, and control where and to whom particular lead data gets sent.
  3. ŸPersonalize call-to-actions, hero images, incentives, buttons, or links.
  4. ŸShow variable content and banners by using Dynamic variables, such as keywords searched, visitor’s country and city, a unique visitor ID (useful for coupons), and more.
  5. Improve lead quality, by adding Dynamic Variables( such as the visitors location, and browsing activity) to the lead report.
  6. Increase the personal appeal of your Lead Page by using Dynamic Variables to have your marketing message, content, and all other page elements, address the visitor BY NAME!

Test and Optimize Your Lead Pages

Personyze can automatically test and optimize the lead page for each type of visitor, by rotating them based on your instructions, and automatically removing “losing” content variations from rotation.

Every time a version of a lead page is viewed, as well as the visitor’s response to it, are monitored and tested, and the results are displayed in convenient, easy to understand reports featuring all industry standard metrics such as: bounce rates, CTR, engagement, and conversion rate.

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Personalization & Marketing Automation

Works on any site, regardless of platform.
Easy copy/paste installation in 5 minutes or less
No effect on site speed, secure and scalable servers
Step-by-step guides, real-time chat assistance
24/7 support and optional white glove service

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Engage visitors with personalized
content, promotions, recommendations, & emails  

A Complete Toolkit for Cross-Channel Personalization

Multi-Channel Personalization

Personalize every touch point of your brand’s entire digital experience across devices, channels, and platforms.

Website Personalization

Remarketing Emails with Recommendations

Personalize your emails and broadcast them from our own system, or integrate with your third-party provider.

Remarketing Emails

Product & Content Recommendations

Our recommendations have an algorithm for every industry and situation, and can be displayed anywhere on your site or emails.

Product & Content Recommendations

Targeted & Personalized Popups and Banners

Display targeted promotions as floating divs, or embed them into your pages, and show them only when relevant.

Popups and Banners

Behavioral & Demographic Targeting

Present targeted content based on on-site behaviors, referral, CRM variables, geo-location, weather, and more.

Behavioral Targeting

A/B & Multivariate Testing with Control Groups

See what works, by testing versions of your site within your targeted segment, or across all site visitors. Control group included.

A/B Testing
Personalizing Since 2008

Built with Marketers in Mind

Personyze is built specifically to empower non-technical professionals to holistically implement fully tested personalization campaigns, rather than rely on expensive and time-consuming IT resources.

Built with Marketers in Mind

Personyze’s step-by-step wizards guide you through various use cases, simplifying the inherent complexity of personalization, and making it easy for marketers like you.

Works on Every Site

WordPress? Drupal? Magento? Shopify? It doesn’t matter, Personyze couldn’t care less which platform you use. If your site runs in a browser, it works.


Personyze is set up to integrate with just about any CRM or data warehouse, third-party email provider, CMS, Facebook, & anything that can use APIs or webhooks.


No need to reinvent the wheel, Personyze includes many industry best practice templates for popups, banners, forms, emails, timers, sliders, and recommendation widgets.


Personyze’s tiered pricing involves various levels of support to suit everyone’s needs, whether you want to take a bootstrapping approach, or have us handle practically everything for you.

Pay as You Go

Our flexible pricing allows you to personalized with very little commitment. You can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel at any time, or commit to an annual package for a discount.

Here’s What Our Customers are Saying


With Personyze, our teams around the globe can now deliver new targeted promotions and messages within hours instead of weeks. Moreover, our local marketing teams around the world are empowered to manage their own marketing campaigns without the involvement of our core development team!

Trey Ogier
Trey Ogier

Conversion IQ utilizing Personyze was able to help us make sure our Adwords campaigns remained in compliance and optimized to the fullest extent. This led to increased business for eTitleLoan and our affiliated companies.

Rob Thorell
Rob Thorell
CIO and Director of eTitle Loan

Integrates with Anything

Any CMS, any CRM, any ecommerce platform, any third-party email platform, any product management system, any analytics system. Blind to platform, compatible with all data. We’ve designed Personyze to work on any site, with any stack.

Transform Your Site

From changing text and images to adding new content like pop ups, banners, and forms, it’s all there. Personyze includes just about every technical capability possible for personalization, short of magic; but it’s pretty darn close.

Quick Setup

Sign up and have active campaigns today. Onboarding includes integration of your databases, plus optional training and consultation. Step-by-step guides and instructional videos, real-time chat assistance 24/7-365 support are included!