Dynamic High Converting Landing Pages that Adapt

Your landing pages are often the first impression that visitors may have of your company, and even when they are returning customers or clients, you don’t ever want this primary aspect of your website to feel boring or irrelevant.

Optimized dynamic landing pages created with Personyze are the antidote to a lack of engagement and interest; by using detailed user data from a variety of sources to create relevant promotions and engaging content, you can improve user experience and maximize conversion with high converting landing pages.

Powerful tools like the WYSIWYG Landing Page Editor and Banner and Pop-up Manager allow you to create custom versions of your landing pages for the audience segments you’re marketing to, and built-in analytics provide you with real-time statistics of how your pages are performing, including performance of different versions of rotating landing pages, for A/B testing.

Give your visitors a customized experience:


  • Use our powerful, rules-based segmentation engine to ensure that the right visitor sees the right page

  • Present personalized content (banners, ads, products and recommendations), based on the visitor’s interests, needs and over 70 out-of-the-box buyer characteristics, plus your business’s back-end and CRM data.

  • Personalize navigation menus, call-to-action banners, buttons and add forms to your page.

  • Use dynamic variables to greet your visitors with appealing marketing messages that address them by NAME! Can you imagine the impact? You can literally initiate a one-on-one conversation with a prospective customer, through a simple asset like a landing page.

  • Display Personalized welcome messages to create an instant bond with first-time users through your highly optimized landing pages.

  • Use Google Maps API to display a map with locations of your various stores or branches, near the visitor’s location!

  • Give you all the tools you need to quickly create each version of a landing page yourself with the WYSIWYG Landing Page Editor and many other personalization action tools.

  • Provide quality content or product recommendations with Personyze easy-to-use recommendation widgets

  • Monitor goals and KPIs, such as cart value, transaction value, form submitted, click goals, and more.


With Dynamic landing pages you can eliminate:


  • Vagueness of your marketing message

  • The need to create a costly landing page for each buyer segment and product

  • Buyer disinterest and disillusionment

  • Lack of tight coupling between ad copies and landing page headlines

Say good-bye to boring Landing Pages with  generic content, and hook your prospective buyers at first glance through headlines that respect their search intention, content that reflects their past and real-time interests, and offers that are the most likely to make them buy.

Optimized Landing Pages with a 1:1 Attention Ratio and Product-Specific Copy Do a Much Better Job to Trigger Buying Intention.

Dynamic landing pages by Personyze are extremely focused, relevant and specific in terms of the elements that they display so that each version is not only geared to serve a particular product, but a particular buyer persona, as well. Varied and pre-defined banners, product benefits and calls to action can be dynamically inserted into your personalized landing pages, based on:


  • Search referral

  • Adwords referrer Campaign/Ad group/Keyword

  • Past user behavior & interests

  • Real time user behavior & interests

  • Product interactions and transactions

  • Geographical location

  • User’s time of day

  • Weather forecast

  • Major holidays

  • Source of referral

  • Campaign source


With Personyze, You can Optimize Landing Pages Efficiently

Optimizing landing pages with Personyze landing page solutions is as easy as choosing the audience segment you intend to target, and using our 25 intuitive and codeless widgets to insert custom promotions, make visual changes to the pages using the point-and-click WYSIWYG landing page editor, or inserting recommendation widgets or forms. Everything you do in Personyze is relatively simple, and easy to implement, without any IT resources or coding knowledge required.

Let Your Visitors Know They Are in the Right Place by Welcoming Them with a Personalized Message

When visitors arrive to your website after clicking on a link in a marketing email or newsletter, you can greet them with a welcome message and let them know that you know who they are and what brought them to your website. You can also show them content, banners, images and articles that are relevant to the link on which they clicked or the campaign that brought them in.


Use Every Bit of Data You Have

When you’re creating high converting landing pages with Personyze, you’ll want to use as much information about the visitor as you can, to achieve maximum relevance. That means that when you create your landing page campaigns, you’ll want to include everything from referral to CRM data as audience parameters.

The amount of data you have on different users will vary, because some will be new to your site, and some will be much better known. So, it’s best to include a variety of data points, and to arrange the segmentation logic so that the campaign will apply to both new users who arrived via certain search keywords, or returning users who already have an established set of interests. Or, you can create special separate campaigns for both.

Here is a visual example to show before and after personalization of a landing page on a travel site, where the visitor’s interest in Italy is taken into consideration, and the content on the page is changed (the animated effect is not seen by a real visitor).



More Examples:

Landing Page Optimization for a Law Firm’s Lead Generation Page

Landing Page Optimization for a Restaurant Landing Page, Based On Time of Day

Landing Page Optimization for an Online Casino

Landing Page Optimization on a Travel Website

Personyze Has a Lot to Offer for Personalized Landing Pages

  • Segmentation, to know who is visiting the page, their interests, and behaviors to inform how your pages should be personalized
  • Powerful content wizards, to transform the look and feel of the page, including custom text, banners, pop-ups, forms, and recommendations
  • Very detailed performance statistics, including dimensions such as referral, city, CRM data, and site goals (KPI) to be monitored automatically
  • A/B testing, the ability to rotate and automatically shut down losing versions of pages, create control groups, and also multivariate testing.

Many Widgets to Build the Perfect High Converting Landing Page

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 3.13.08 PM


One of the most powerful and popular tools for dynamic landing pages is the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) Landing Page Editor. This point-and-click tool allows you to intuitively and easily make visual changes to your landing page, such as moving any page element, and changing any page text.


Optimize Landing Page Personalization

Personyze can test which landing page performs best for each visitor segment, rotating them based on your instructions. The system also monitors every time a landing page is viewed, and will generate full statistics reports including bounce rates and conversion rates per landing page, and for combinations of a landing page and search referrer, country, and more. Personyze landing page editor will also monitor goals and KPIs, such as cart value, transaction value, form submitted, click goals, and more.


Tracking and A/B Testing

Personyze built-in A/B testing tool allows you to take the detailed data you’ll be collecting on landing page performance, and use it to choose which version of multiple rotating landing pages you want to use. You can test two or more versions, and can also create a control group for more accuracy, and Personyze can even be set to delete the under-performing versions of your page after a defined amount of time.

Getting Started with Personyze Dynamic Landing Pages is as Easy as Scheduling a Free Demo

At Personyze, we are happy to show you our comprehensive Dynamic Landing Pages solution, and spending quality time consulting with potential clients about how their specific needs could be met is just another part of our daily activity.

We also offer a Free Trial with no commitment, in which the first 5,000 page views of your personalized site are on us. That’s because we want to give you a chance to get a feel for our landing page editor dashboard interface, and to see with your own eyes what Personyze can do for your conversion success.