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Dynamic Landing Pages

Giving Each Visitor Exactly What Is Needed to Drive that Precious Conversion!

Personyze’s Dynamic Landing Pages offer your business the power to say good-bye to boring, generic content, and hook your prospective buyers at first glance through headlines that respect their search intention, content that reflects their past and real-time interests and offers that are the most likely to make them buy.


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Dynamic Landing Pages with Personzye

Landing pages with a 1:1 attention ratio and product-specific copy do a much better job to trigger buying intention.

Dynamic landing pages by Personyze are extremely focused, relevant and specific in terms of the elements that they display, so that each version is not only geared to serve a particular product, but a particular buyer persona as well. Varied and pre-defined banners, product benefits and calls to action can be dynamically inserted into your landing pages, based on visitors’:

  •  Searched Keywords
  • Adwords referrer Campaign/Ad group/Keyword
  • Past user behavior & interests
  • Real time user behavior & interests
  • Product interactions and transactions
  • Geographical location
  • User’s time of day
  • Weather forecast
  • Major holidays
  • Source of referral
  • Campaign source


25 intuitive & codeless widgets to turn any page to a dynamic landing page per visitor interests:

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 3.13.08 PM

Give your visitors a customized experience:

  • Present personalized content (banners, ads, products and recommendations), based on the visitor’s interests, needs and over 70 out-of-the-box buyer characteristics, plus your business’s back-end and CRM data.
  • Personalize navigation menus, calls-to-action banners, buttons and even links.
  • Use dynamic variables to greet your visitors with appealing marketing messages that address them by NAME! Can you imagine the impact? You can literally initiate a one-on-one conversation with a prospective customer, through a simple asset like a landing page.
  • Display Personalized welcome messages to create an instant bond with first-time users.
  • Give you all the tools you need to quickly create each version of a landing page yourself with the WYSIWYG Editor and a whole list of personalized actions.

With Dynamic landing pages you can eliminate:

  • Vagueness of your marketing message
  • The need to create a costly landing page for each buyer segment and product
  • Buyer disinterest and disillusionment
  • Lack of tight coupling between ad copies and landing page headlines


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