Target visitors matching specific segments with highly designed, optimized especially for them content.

Custom Event Tracking

Get-StartedPersonyze monitors, records, and analyzes every bit of visitor data and activity that takes place on your website. These monitoring abilities aren’t limited to the 70+ out-of-the-box visitor behaviors and characteristics used to identify visitors and target them with personally relevant content.

New Personalization Actions You can use Personyze visual interface to click and identify any number of page elements( such as: images, buttons, banners, text boxes, etc.), monitor the visitors mouse clicks and  mouse overs, and have Personyze analyze this data in real-time, in order to provide you with valuable insights into how different visitors interact with your website,  while simultaneously personalizing their experience, and improving your websites conversion rate, CTR, and overall performance.

Popular Custom Event Tracking Techniques:

Report Complex Visitor Behaviors and Events To Google Analytics

Out-of-the-box, Personyze comes fully integrated with Google Analytics. Setting Personyze to  automatically report the event of a visitor matching one of the predefined segments and/or being presented with personalized content, is simply a matter checking a checkbox.

The remarkable part is that Personyze Segmentation Engine possess the flexibility to detect any event you can verbally describe. Here are a few examples:

  1. Your visitor completing a purchase and arriving at the “Thank You” page.
  2. A visitor who  abandoned the website without completing the checkout process.  was sent a promotional email, and tagged for Google Retargeting.
  3. An unregistered visitor responded to a personalized newsletter sent by Personyze, and returned after a three week long period of absence.

Set Up Containers to Monitor Onsite Activity.

Track Activity ContainerPersonyze Simulator allows website owners to define Placeholder and Grab Data Containers without requiring a programmer to review the source code of the page. In addition to extracting data and marking the area on the page for personalized content to appear, these containers can monitor clicks, mouse overs, load events, and all other page activity that takes place above selected page elements.

You are allowed to define as many containers as you want, essentially mapping out how your visitors are interacting with different page elements. This data can then be used to further expand Personyze’s understanding of your visitors, and respond to the visitors onsite behavior by executing personalization actions in real-time.

Set the WYSIWYG Editor to Monitor and Respond to Visitor Activity Over Page Elements.

The What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get Editor is a powerful visual interface that opens a copy of a target web page and allows you to click-drag-drop and alter it’s every aspect without writing a single line of code.

In addition to adjusting the pages content, the WYSIWYG Editor can be used to track to clicks,  mouse over, and load events, and respond to visitor activity over specified page element by executing additional personalization actions, executing custom JavaScript, and defining custom goals to present relevant analytics data in the Action Statistics section.

Trigger Event