CRM Integration with Personyze

Integrating with CRM and other data sources that contain valuable information about your visitors, whether they are third-party SaaS CRM solutions (like Salesforce, eXelate, or Hubspot), or your own local DB, applications, or services, can help you create more relevant site experiences, better analytics, and fine-tune your marketing campaign and media acquisition.


Here are a few examples of the data sources that you can connect to Personyze:


  • Customer Relationship Management software

  • Email Service Providers

  • Data Warehouses

  • Analytics platforms

  • Point-of-Sale Systems

  • Data Management Platforms

Your CRM database contains information about your visitors that can be combined with other data collected by Personyze, for even more powerful segmentation. Often, the data contained in your CRM isn’t available through other methods used by Personyze, things like user location, referral links, or on-site behavior. While these are powerful, expanding your knowledge about your customers always leads to better segmentation, so including this novel data will help you create even more engaging user experiences, and better conversion.


Integrating Your CRM with Personyze is Easy

Personyze has multiple options for integrating CRM data, based on differing user needs. If your CRM is integrated with your pages, you can grab data locally when the user interacts with your site. If you need a one-time upload of data, you can simply put it in a spreadsheet, and Personyze will use it to populate its internal user profiles. For automated syncing and updating of CRM data with Personyze, API calls and/or XML files can be used, to keep your data up-to-date. You can even set Personyze to feed information back to your CRM, so that interests determined from their on-site behavior can be transferred to your CRM.

CRM integration allows you to take your segmentation game beyond the already-powerful methods used by Personyze. It allows you to deepen and expand your customer knowledge, and thereby provide visitors with an even more tailored and optimal experience, for better conversion, ROI, analytics, and customer retention. CRM integration is like adding high-octane fuel to your personalization engine, allowing it to know visitors and tailor your site to their interests with even greater efficacy.