Key benefits of Personyze

Some of the great things you can do with it

Website personalization – “a website per visitor” experience

Target visitors by geographic location

Display captivating messages in landing pages

Email personalization

Regain interest from almost-lost customers

Personalized forms

Rich leads data

Maximize advertising campaigns

Smart management of Google AdSense

Smart management of Google AdWords Remarketing

Increase live-chat efficiency and reduce costs

Offline sales conversion tracking

Rich data about customers that visited your website

Powerful drill-down and optimization from within reports

Website optimization through multivariate A/B testing

Easily place social widgets

Provide an accurate personal experience using your visitors’ social profile

Leverage your visitors’ viral marketing power


Personyze allows you to identify and segment visitors based on complex conditions using dozens of variables, including search keywords that lead to the website, data from the visitors’ Facebook profiles, behavior in the website and much more. Whenever a visitor matches a specific segment, associated personalization actions will be executed to serve personalized content, providing a highly relevant, engaging and enhanced user experience, ultimately leading to a significant increase in conversion rates and revenue. For example, you can show 45 year-old, married men, different content and website design that you would to 23 year-old, single women.


Personyze allows you to show relevant ads and banners to each visitor, increasing click-through rates and likelihood of conversion. For example, a website that specializes in financial consulting will show to visitors located in Italy, testimonials of Italian clients, articles featured in Italian newspapers, addresses and phone numbers of offices in Italy, etc.


You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression, so it is crucial to give your visitors the feeling that they have arrived at the right place, right from the very first moment that arrive to your website. Personyze allows you to serve dynamically personalized landing pages, based on search keywords, referring domain, advertising campaign, location and much more. For example, an insurance agency’s website could show to visitors searching for “home insurance”, a page heading that includes these words, relevant banners, images of homes, content related to home insurance, call-to-action buttons such as “leave your email to be contacted by a home insurance specialist”, and more.


Personyze allows you to send personalized, relevant emails to each visitor, and welcome these visitors with a personalized experience when they arrive back to your website. For example, a website specialized in travel will send to visitors interested in family vacations to Greece, emails and newsletter content with deals for that specific location, or similar vacation types with good offers for families.


When a visitor abandons the cart without completing an order, not everything is lost. Personyze helps you analyze the reasons for the abandonment in the middle of the ordering process and try to catch these visitors again. For example, when visitors leave the website’s cart without completing an order, you can send each a personalized email offering the products that were in the cart for a special price or offer them to be contacted by a representative that will answer any questions that lead them to not finish the ordering process.


Personyze allows you to show your visitors personalized order and contact forms, so that they see only the fields related to their interests and needs and not need to enter irrelevant data, making forms much more focused and concise. For example, a real-estate website will show to visitors that arrived to the website after searching for “New York apartments for rent” and showed interested in two-bedroom apartments, a form with some fields pre- selected, such as “rental”, “New York city” and “two bedrooms”, and requiring to select the neighborhood and some checkboxes, such as if a balcony or elevator are a requirement.


Personyze helps you provide your representatives with helpful, sales increasing information about leads and prospects by adding valuable information to forms filled-in by visitors, such as searched keywords, products viewed, location, referring advertising campaign, and more. Thus, visitors can easily request to be contacted by just submitting their phone number or email address, and representatives will receive leads with rich information, including the customer’s location, what kind of products they are looking for, what lead them to the website, what promotions or offers raised their interest, what product models they have viewed, how much time they spent examining features or technical specs, and more. For example, in a gadgets e-commerce website, a visitor leaves his email address to be contacted about new products or special offers. The representative that contacts the visitor starts the conversation already knowing that this potential customer is a 26 year-old student living in Chicago, looking for a 13.3″ laptop priced at around $900. This kind of information is an enormous advantage that helps sales agents to close more and better deals while providing a much better service and increasing user satisfaction.


Click-through rates increase with more relevant ads. Personyze allows you to use all the information disclosed by visitors to display highly relevant banners based on age, gender, location, interests and more. By connecting to Google’s DoubleClick, Personyze allows you to control what campaigns to display and when, based on multiple criteria and conditions. For example, a content website will display to a visitor that regularly reads articles in the “finance” category and shows interest in real-estate investments, ads for investment companies that specialize in real-estate.


Google AdSense is the most popular revenue generating system for content websites. Personyze allows you to show ads based on segments. For example, an e-commerce website that receives a considerable amount of traffic interested in the website’s information articles, reviews or technical specs, but located in regions that they do not serve or deliver to, can maximize its revenue by showing their own banners and ads to visitors in areas that are served by the store and AdSense ads to visitors in other areas.


Google Remarketing feature lets you display ads to visitors after they leave your website. Personyze allows you to maximize benefit from this feature by instructing Google what ads and from which campaign you want to show to each sub-segment. For example, a website specialized in flights, can re-target a visitor that searched for a cheap flight to London in the next weekend, with relevant ads offering “Cheap last-minute flights to London” rather than the website’s generic ads.


Live-chat allows you to provide customer support in real-time in key moments such as when a customer is choosing a product to buy or is having a problem to complete an order. Live-chat unquestionably helps websites increase sales amounts, save almost-lost deals in the last moment and increase customer satisfaction, but having a live-chat agent available for every case at every moment can be both a challenge and require a not-always justified cost. Personyze allows you to offer live-chat support and guidance based on segments and conditions. For example, an e-store website could popup a chat window automatically for visitors receiving an error message during the checkout process, or for visitors that have already added products to the cart with a total value greater than a specified amount and went back to the product comparison stage.


Personyze allows you to analyze and optimize the entire conversion process and all its funnels, by tracking visitors from the moment they arrived to your website and until they convert to customers, no matter the channel they chose to place an order. Tracking starts when a visitor arrives to the website for the first time, continues throughout their first visit and further visits, and goes beyond the website and into the call-center or local brick-and-mortar store in which the visitor placed an order or asked for more information. For example, when visitor places and order offline (through the phone, fax or in a local store), you will have information about the online advertising campaign and search keywords that lead to the sale, referring website, banners clicked and videos watched, pages and products viewed, and more.


Personyze helps your sales agents close more and better deals while increasing customer satisfaction, by giving them access to each customer’s activity history in your website, including geographical location, searched keywords, referring website and advertising campaign, products and promotions viewed, and more. For example, a digital-cameras store can display a coupon with a unique ID (offering, for example, a free memory-card when ordering a camera or free delivery for orders above a specified amount). When the visitor contacts the call-center and provides this ID, the sales agent will already know that the caller lives in Los Angeles, is interested in a semi-pro DSLR camera and also needs an external flash. This kind of information will help agents to guide customers to what they really need, quickly and efficiently, while avoiding products that are below the customers’ needs or above their budget, thus, increasing closing rates, average sales amounts, service quality and customer satisfaction


Personyze allows you to drill-down in your reports across virtually every dimension and metric, helping you identify bad performing segments with high precision. At any point in the drill-down path, you can define a segment by clicking on the appropriate row, easily associate one or more personalization actions, and let Personyze test which actions lead to the best improvement in performance. For example, upon noticing a relatively high bounce rate for a specific keyword, you drill-down to find that in fact, there is a high bounce-rate for a specific combination of search keywords, landing page and country. You simply have to click on the appropriate row to define the segment and right away define personalization actions to improve that segment’s performance, such as a welcome banner that links to the page in the local language or says that you deliver to that country, trying different page content or design, etc.


Personyze helps you maximize your website’s performance, by testing different variations of content, images, banners and design only on the variations’ intended audience. For example, a clothing and apparel website has good conversion rates and revenue in the men and seniors department, but a bad performance in the young women department. By changing the wording style and design elements, such as color of buttons, font styles and banner images only to young women, the website can improve sales to that specific segment without hurting response from any of the other segments.


Personyze allows you to place any of the popular social bookmarking buttons and widgets without any coding, per segments and can run tests to increase clicks. For example, place an AddThis or ShareThis widget for visitors only after they have watched a video, or show Tweet and Like buttons only until the visitor clicks them, and run a test to determine in what position in the page a button gets more clicks.


Personyze lets you to easily implement a “Login with Facebook” button on your website, allowing your visitors to interact with your website without needing to go through a sign-up process. You will then be able to better understand and serve your visitors by defining segments based on information from their Facebook profile. For example, a bookstore can increase conversion and revenue while improving user experience by offering the appropriate books, when they know that the visitor is a 45 year-old, male lawyer, married with children, catholic, interested in classical music and photography; a news website can increase number of articles read and advertising click-through rates by recommending relevant articles, when they know that the visitor is a 32 year-old, female MD, single, interested in technology and adventure travel.


Personyze lets you gain from your visitors’ social network, by easily publishing messages to their Facebook walls (requires the visitor’s approval) for all their friends to see. For example, a website could ask permission from visitors that have at least 200 friends to publish a message with a link to the website on their wall; in return, the website can offer an incentive or a bonus, such as a giveaway, a free accessory when purchasing a product or access to premium content.

Anonymous Visitor_ product page_v2

Apparel website

Product recommendations

This fashion site can show offers and promotions which are more likely to be relevant to his interest


Financial & Banks

CRM Targeting

Your Local Bank is enacting a campaign to show more personalized content to visitors on their homepage, with CRM Targeting and other methods.



Recommendations and Targeted Ads

Monkey Gadget is personalizing their site with relevant ads, banners, and product recommendations, using past interactions and other data.



Time of Day Targeting

Mozzareli personalizes their site to show visitors relevant content and promotions based on the time of day, and their most likely interests.


Lead Generation Sites

Landing Page Optimization

Smith & Lauren Law is personalizing their landing page to reflect the interests of visitors, based on what ad campaign brought them there.



Content Recommendations

Shopper Reviews is on a campaign for greater engagement, using personalization to show visitors what they are most interested in.


Online Casinos

Membership CRM Targeting

Casino Pro is promoting their VIP account to visitors in target demographics, based on past interactions and CRM data.


Online Casinos

Behavioral Targeting

Casino Pro has another campaign to target visitors based on the games they played most, from past interactions with the site.


Dating Websites

Recommendations and Banners

Global Dating uses personalization to show visitors relevant content according to their age, gender, partner preferences, and location.


Online Newspapers

Demographic Targeting

Times of India is creating different versions of their home page based on gender, to give visitors a more relevant experience.


Travel and Tourism

Interest and Weather Targeting

A2Z Travel personalizes their site based on the destination, season, and vacation type in which they are interested.


Travel and Tourism

Referral and Behavioral Targeting

AB Travel personalizes their landing page based on what ad campaign the visitor arrived from, as well as their past interactions.



Personalized Recommendations

The Gadget Store is personalizing their homepage, based on items that visitors have viewed and bought in the past.