Benner_Personyze Cart Abandonment Solution

Personyze Cart Abandonment Solution

Getting You Back the Sales You Thought You Had Lost!

Personyze’s comprehensive Solution to Cart Abandonment is a suite of tactics and technologies that detect visitor exit intention, engage them with real-time smart messages to prevent possible abandonment and re-target lost potential buyers with personalized reminders to process pending items in the cart.

It is sophisticated and fully automated and helps you convert the leads you have so painstakingly nurtured.

How Much is Cart Abandonment Costing You, & What are the Reasons?

Latest reports and industry average data reveals that 67.89% of shoppers abandon their carts, for one reason or another.

Businesses lose close to $18 billion dollars every year because of the epidemic of cart abandonment.

How are you faring?

If numbers are anything to go by, you are losing a sizeable chunk of your revenue, for avoidable reasons.

Some of the most common triggers for cart abandonment are high shipping costs and slow site load speeds, but these are easy to fix without requiring external assistance.

What may take more thought are abandonment reasons like:

  •  Lack of engagement on the part of buyers
  •  Poor navigation
  •  Confusing payment options

Personyze is invaluable in its ability mitigate these problems by:

  • Spotting exit intention
  • Then analyzing its probable cause
  • Offering re-assuring or resolving real-time messages to avert the exit
  • In case of real time prevention failure, re-targeting the would-be customer with highly personalized re-marketing emails and ads across the web, to encourage the completion of the purchase


The Three Layered Safety Net of Personyze’s Cart Abandonment Solution

1. Personalized Engagement, to Reduce Exit Intention As Much As Possible 

Our Personalization engine allows you to improve the way your visitors engage with your site, by customizing each visitor’s experience–from the landing page they arrived on, to the cart’s checkout–thereby covering the whole funnel. Delighted users and buyers do not suffer from as high of cart abandonment tendencies as their more frustrated peers without Personaliztion, who are exposed to a bland and generic shopping experience.

 2.     Exit Intent Technology – Striking the Iron While It’s Hot

If the Personalized content and offers can’t eliminate cart abandonment urges, or if a major problem like payment processing issues occurs, Personyze can recognize in real-time the signs that a visitor is about to abandon the site, and execute the ultimate tailored marketing or support message to re-engage the buyer and diagnose (or help resolve) the impediment to finalizing the deal.

 3.     Retargeting Ads & Reminder Emails

Sometimes an exit can’t be stopped, because the reason behind it is unavoidable – like, say, the buyer’s internet network fails. Under such circumstances Personyze can follow the potential buyers across the net, leveraging multiple channels and all known re-marketing networks of quality sites with:

-     Displays of pages and products the visitor has shown interest in to re-kindle the desire to buy

-     Cart Activity reminders like items in cart and last purchase date(s)

-     Visitor funnel statuses


Personyze’s Cart Abandonment Solution is a revolutionary step forward for the e-commerce industry. It will boost your revenue, improve your funnel and secure you a reputation as a proactive business.

In-house IT infrastructure isn’t needed. Personyze is a cloud-based, easy-to-deploy, automated solution.

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