Cart Abandonment Prevention and Recovery

You’ve spent a lot of time, energy, and resources to get customers onto your site. The last thing you need is to lose their business, whether it’s because of a lack of engagement, frustration with some aspect of the checkout process, or simply factors you can’t control, such as interruptions, distractions, or technical issues on their end.

Personyze solution for Cart Abandonment is a suite of tactics and technologies that engage with visitors from the beginning, detect visitor exit intent, present them with real-time smart messages to prevent abandonment, and if they still bounce, re-targets lost customers with personalized reminders and powerful AI-generated email recommendations.

Our system is sophisticated and fully automated, using a simple wizard to set up that uses a site simulator with point and click method of setting tracking for product interactions, and grabbing user emails.


Personyze Cart Abandonment Solutions Include

  • Easy integration with any site, regardless of CMS or ecommerce platform.
  • Captures emails on input, no need to submit or upload emails separately
  • Use wizards to set campaigns, and use templates for emails
  • Automated sequence of emails, based on updates to visitor status
  • Full performance and revenue reports emailed at your chosen interval

Use a step-by-step wizard to guide you through campaign creation to reduce cart abandonment, and increase cart recovery rate right now if you sign up for a free trial, or ask us to set the campaigns for you at no additional cost, as part of your package.

An online electronics store set the following campaigns to reduce cart abandonment and to increase cart recovery rate 

1. They create a pop-up which triggers upon site leave intent, and offers a coupon for 5% off purchases over a certain amount on the relevant item category that the customer has been browsing/adding to cart.

2. If the customer still didn’t buy, they set personyze to trigger an email reminder 4 hours later, with the product left in cart alongside relevant product recommendations based on AI algorithms.

3. After 2 days, if the visitor still didn’t buy, another email is sent the following Saturday afternoon, at the visitor’s local time, since they’ve learned afternoon emails have the highest conversion; this time, with the reminder for items left in cart, and also a special temporary promotion for 10% off, only on this weekend.

4. If the visitor still didn’t buy, additional visitor data is delivered to the admin via an automated email report, which can allow a follow-up phone call or customized offer.

5. If they still don’t make a purchase, they’re then sent an email with AI generated recommendations for new products in the same category as what was left in cart, and items that are low in stock, or on sale.


How Much is Cart Abandonment Costing You, & What Are the Reasons?

Latest reports and industry average data reveal that 67.89% of shoppers abandon their carts, for one reason or another.
Businesses lose close to $18 billion dollars every year because of the epidemic of cart abandonment.


How Are You Faring?

If these statistics are anything to go by, you are losing a sizable chunk of your revenue, for avoidable reasons.

Some of the most common triggers for cart abandonment are busy modern life or high shipping costs, second thoughts, and internet issues.


Personyze is invaluable in its ability to mitigate these problems with 4-Layered Cart Abandonment Safety Net:

Personalized Engagement to Reduce Exit Intent
Our Personalization engine allows you to improve the way your visitors engage with your site, by customizing each visitor’s experience–from the landing page they arrived on, to the cart checkout–thereby covering the whole funnel. Delighted users and buyers do not engage in cart abandonment tendencies nearly so much as their more frustrated peers.

Detect Exit Intent  – Block the Bounce
If the Personalized content and offers can’t eliminate cart abandonment urges, or if a major problem like payment processing issues occurs, Personyze can recognize in real-time the signs that a visitor is about to abandon the site, and execute the ultimate tailored marketing message, such as free shipping or 10% off. Personyze can show unique messages to first-time visitors versus returning visitors, or offer a support message to re-engage the buyer and diagnose (or help resolve) the impediment to finalizing the deal.

Retargeting Ads & Reminder Emails
Sometimes an exit can’t be stopped, because the reason behind it is unavoidable – like, say, the customer had to to take a phone call and got distracted. Under such circumstances, you can set Personyze to send a sequence of email reminders, which can be combined with a coupon if the visitor failed to take action. The Reminder emails can include items left in cart, alongside AI recommendations for similar items and/or cross sales.

 Cart Abandonment Tracking and Reports
Personyze can be set to send Daily Visitor funnel statuses to your team via email reports, with the user’s email address, demographic or segment, date, and items they left in cart, whether they opened, viewed, and clicked the email and proceeded to the cart, and whether they checked out. Email reports with the behavioral data can shed light on the reason for abandonment, and you can follow up and try to recover these lost sales with customized offerings, or simply by calling the customer.