Partnering with Personyze

Personyze provides a comprehensive personalization technology solution for websites and Web professionals looking to enhance their website performance.

Things that set Personyze apart:

  1. 70+ out of the box metrics , including data from visitors’ Facebook accounts
  2. Tracking of custom page events without programming or changing the website’s code
  3. Advanced custom reports capabilities and built-in Google Analytics integration
  4. Quickly define complex segments
  5. Target visitors who match a specific Segment with personalized content  without writing a single line of code.
  6. A/B Test individual personalization software actions, and entire campaign variations help maximize performance for every Segment.
  7. Google Retargeting and built-in AdWords integration allow to optimize segment-based PPC campaigns with Personyze personalization technology.
  8. Offline tracking lets you measure effectiveness of campaigns resulting in offline sales

Partnering with Personyze

We are open to new partnerships with organizations that provide websites with  the following professional services:

  1. Web analytics
  2. SEO, SEM, SMO
  3. Web design, Development, and CMS
  4. Any other organization that can offer grater value to its customers by using Personyze

We offer two main types of partnerships:

  1. Service Partnership
  2. Technology Partnership

Become a Technology Partner and Leverage Personyze to Provide a Better Product or Service.

Any software or service that serves content or information can benefit from integrating to Personyze personalization technology capabilities.

By defining segments and targeting different visitors with personally relevant content and marketing message, all websites, web based products, and online platforms can offer a much more engaging experience, and as a result significantly increase their user satisfaction, conversion rate, and revenue.

Mass emailing services, CMS platforms, advertising networks and platforms, ecommerce applications, and virtually any application or service that addresses different targets with different interests and needs, can gain a huge benefit from Personyze personalization technology.

Personyze personalization technology platform provides an API that allows full integration of all the features of Personyze into any other personalization software (whether On-Premises or SaaS).

Integrating Personyze into your platform

Your users will be able to trigger different actions for different user segments, based on demographics, browsing history and behavior, to serve personalized, optimal content that is highly relevant to each visitor.

Integrate your software into Personyze Personalization Technology

Personyze users will be able to communicate with and trigger your application or widget for different user segments, based on conditions and events. The actual activity of populating data into Personyze custom data attributes can be done by any one of the following ways:

  1. API call – using the appropriate Personyze API method
  2. Opening a direct DB connection – to your local DB or system and configuring the integration/synchronization logic
  3. Sharing data locally – exposing data during the visitor’s session to be used by Personyze and stored locally in that user’s appropriate custom data attributes. For example, placing data within a hidden div that Personyze will monitor, placing data in cookies in an agreed format, etc.

API access

Personyze personalization software offers API access so that third party applications such as CMS, CRM or ERP can directly define segmentation and personalization from their own UI. For more information, documentation, overview of methods and the libraries please visit the API pages.

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