B2B Account-Based Marketing with Personyze

Personyze can enhance your Account-Based Marketing (ABM) with a more relevant and engaging experience on your site, for strategic clients. B2B ABM targeting is vital when the customer or client represents a higher ROI.

The Four Steps of ABM Personalization:

  • Target High Priority Accounts

    Use our state of the art segmentation engine to pinpoint a specific account, or category of accounts, using multiple sources of data including IP intelligence, real-time CRM data, Behavioral data

  • Tailor Personalized Content

    Create cross-channel personalization to tailor the visitor experience, using more than 20+ widgets to create content such as pop-ups, recommendations, emails, banners, and more.

  • Execute Tactics for Conversion

    With no IT limitation, our platform is built for marketers to easily execute campaigns in minutes that can “wow” targeted accounts along the sales funnel

  • Measure Impact with  Analytics

    With a comprehensive view of campaign effectiveness, drill down to the account level, know your lead well with real-time data analysis, and synced CRM profiles


 With Personyze, It’s No Problem.

All of these steps are executable with Personyze alone, and our B2B personalization platform can also interface with other services, such as CRM and automated mail providers, to execute your cross-channel ABM strategy.

Using CRM integration, you can create a selected list of priority customer profiles, and make specific changes and additions to your website, along with omnichannel personalized promotions and messages, to market to each of those individuals in their own unique way.

With the comprehensive set of B2B ABM targeting tools that Personyze offers, and highly specific targeting ability, there are a wide variety of ways you can create a highly personalized customer journey for prioritized accounts.