Audience-Oriented Multivariate Testing


Once a visitor matched a segment, and has been identified as a member of a target audience, he is presented with Personalized Content, such as banners, popups, and WYSIWYG Editor page manipulations. Personyze doesn’t impose a limitation on the type, volume, or number of different versions of Personalization Action presented before members of each target audience.

New Personalization Actions

Multivariate Testing -

a_b-testPersonyze continuously tracks, analyzes, and displays statistical metrics, such as: clicks, goals being met, Conversion Rates, Session Count, CTR’s, and Bounce Rates.

When Targeting a Specific Audience, Defining a Rotation Ratio between entire Personalization Campaigns and individual Personalization Actions within every campaign, allows us to A/B test and optimize each campaign to its fullest potential with regard to predefined goals, and run a Multivariate Tests to choose the best performing Personalization Campaign to target specific audience groups and meet your websites objectives.

 For Example:

  1. Group A: three banners, two popups, and a Personalized Email
  2. Group B: two popups, WYSIWYG Action, and a Personalized Email.

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