A/B Testing Per Audience & Control Groups

Conduct data-driven marketing using powerful segment-based A/B testing for landing pages, personalized content, promotions, and emails to ensure maximum conversion

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Test Anything and Everything

Instead of testing proposed website modifications across a random group of visitors to the site, by harnessing the power of the Personyze’s targeting abilities, clients can achieve more accurate results by conducting the tests on the specific audiences for whom the content was originally designed! All other visitors to the website continue to see the standard version of the site, and this minimizes any lost conversions due to the testing.

Test Anything and Everything

Test Performance Across the Entire Website

Personyze Targeting and Personalization capabilities allow you to test and optimize overall visitors’ experience on your website by rotating page versions, Personalized content, popups, and banners across multiple pages and external channels, like Emails or Facebook

Test Performance Across the Entire Website

Auto-pilot Optimization

This testing and optimization process can even take place on complete auto-pilot, by designating a time-frame for the test to run. After the set time period, Personyze will drop the worst performing content variations from rotation, and present members of your target audience only the most effective marketing messages and content.

Auto-pilot Optimization

Implement Personalization Easily on Any Site

Personyze is built for marketers and other non-technical professionals. Our interface includes numerous tools and guides to simplify the inherent complexity of personalization. You can sign up and have at least one campaign active by day’s end.

Implement Personalization Easily on Any Site
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Works on any site, regardless of platform.
Easy copy/paste installation in 5 minutes or less
No effect on site speed, secure and scalable servers
Step-by-step guides, real-time chat assistance
24/7 support and optional white glove service

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Everything is testable
content, promotions, recommendations, & emails  

Integrates with Anything

Any CMS, CRM, ecommerce platform, third-party email provider, product management system, or analytics system. Blind to platform, compatible with all data. We’ve designed Personyze to work on any site, with any stack.

Test Every Assumption

Never hang your success on a guess, Personyze allows you to test every single action you take in our system, at a granular, precision level, with a simple interface, and powerful tools. Precision testing made easy, for non-tech professionals.

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