Brief overview of the entire personalization process: Identifying Audiences, Setting Personalization Actions,and Testing Signing Up for a Plan and embedding Personyze Tracking code into  your website  Brief overview of some of the most popular personalization actions.
Edit every aspect of the webpage with a point-click-drag visual interface. Detect the visitors intent on abandoning the webpage, lost of interest, or affiliation to a particular audience, and launch highly designed popups Design and load custom HTML code into a predefined Placeholder container.
Alter CSS style to change the look and feel of a page or part of it Replace Image action: search for occurrences of an image in a page and replace it with another image Add banners or images into a Placeholder Container
 Load Dynamic HTML from another URL into a predefined Placeholder. Send personalized emails to yourself and your visitors. Ask your visitors to login with their Facebook  accounts to your website, in order to use their profile data for segmentation and to publish on their timeline.
 Load Custom JavaScript code Redirect to another URL Search and replace specific numeric values across your entire website
 Search and replace text across your website. Define Central Website Goal in order to accurately measure each actions conversion rate with regard to your websites objectives Override system parameters in order to simulate the conditions of matching previously unmatched segments
 Visually define and manage Placeholder and Grab Data containers to extract data from the webpage, edit its content, or tack onsite activity.  Test and Optimize every aspect of your personalized campaign.